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PERSYSTANCE had the privilege of collaborating with a German-based company to develop a subscription-based business and leisure travel planning app. Our team provided comprehensive staff augmentation and full-cycle development services, enabling our clients to achieve the desired flexibility in supporting their IT infrastructure and delivering a customized software solution.

PERSYSTANCE provided the client with staff augmentation and full-cycle development services. It allowed CROVER to achieve the desired flexibility in supporting IT infrastructure and delivering tailored software.

What we did for this project :

UI/UX Design: Our talented designers crafted a user-centric interface that ensures seamless navigation and an enjoyable experience for travelers.

App Development: PERSYSTANCE leveraged its expertise in mobile app development to create a robust and feature-rich travel planning app for both business and leisure purposes.

Subscription-Based Payment Gateway Integration: We integrated a secure and reliable payment gateway system into the app, allowing users to conveniently subscribe and make payments for their travel services.
Inventory and Booking Management: Our team implemented a comprehensive inventory and booking management system within the app, enabling efficient management of travel options, reservations, and availability.

By leveraging our staff augmentation and full-cycle development services, TRAVEL APP was able to meet its business objectives and deliver a top-notch travel planning app to its users. We take pride in our partnership with our Client and our contribution to their success in the dynamic world of travel and leisure.


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